Hervey Photo

Hervey Photo


BMX, Beach and Brides & Grooms...

It's been a busy last few months, but always time to fit in a photo shoot here and there!:)

We were able to shoot Savannah's portfolio portraits; a young and talented BMX competitor...

We shot a very dear family by the beach.  I am always blown away by the beauty of their family.  It was an absolute pleasure capturing these pics; we have taken pics of them since they were so young.

Shooting this wedding for Lydia & Tim was a breeze.  They were a sweet, dear couple, and oh what a fantastically easy bride to work for!!!  Such a blessing to be able to capture their beautiful day.  


Photo Credit: Stephanie Naimo

Photo Credit: Stephanie Naimo

Savannah Davis Interview Vid

Bright futures ahead for this amazing BMX rider...


Tay O'Neill Pics

Always a pleasure to capture these moments.  Surf. Fashion. Beauty. My favorite.



Futures and new beginnings


Savannah Davis teaser


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